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The Club

Starbeck Bowling Club located in Harrogate District, is located on Spa Lane, Starbeck, next door to the Starbeck Swimming Baths.

This friendly club was established in 1920.

It now runs 9 league teams - Four in the Harrogate Evening League, Three in the Harrogate Veterans Afternoon League, one in the Tadcaster Evening League  and One in the Airedale & Wharfedale Saturday Afternoon League.

New members are always welcome,we now run an Academy on most Wednesdays to help develop bowling skills & confidence in playing be they beginners or experienced players.


If you would like to join or arrange to come down and have ago,

then please contact our secretary - see Contact Us page.

The Committee

Chairman:  Richard Armstrong


Vice Chairman: Phil Turton

Secretary: Steve Day

Fixture Secretary: Dave Brecken

Treasurer:  Sylvia Cliff

Assistant treasurer: Jane Johnston

Green Keeper: Dave Stockdale

Assistant Green Keepers: Jim Bean 

                                             Jimmy Cliff

                                             Robin Drury

                                             Mark Armstrong


Ground Keepers: Ken Firth

                              Phil Turton

                              Dave Brecken

Welfare Officer: Carol Abbott

Committee Members: Ken Firth


Team Captains

Harrogate Evening League - played on Monday & Tuesday evenings

1st Team Division 2:             Terry Mitton          07783 963508

2nd Team Division 3:            John Somerville   07486 854058 

3rd Team Division 4:             Phil Turton           07732 819454

4th Team Division 4 : Jane Johnston     07980 066909 

Harrogate Veterans League - played on Friday afternoons

Vets A Team Division 1: Richard Armstrong 07523 326009 

Vets B Team Division 3: Carol Abbott            07742 091701

Vets C Team Division 4: Sylvia Cliff              07922 256578 

Airedale & Wharfedale League - played on Saturday afternoons

1st Team Division 3: Simon Hoare           07741 413213

Tadcaster Evening League Division - played on Thursday evenings

1st Team Division 2: Evan Challis            07751 124601


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